Mental Health Purpose of Teaching

Processing Student Course Evaluations

I hope the new semester is off to a great start! As one semester begins, we are reminded of the previous semester in the form of student course evaluations that are landing in our mailboxes now. At the end of each semester, students offer their opinion of our teaching, and–as we know–how students perceive our teaching has an impact on how we are evaluated as teachers.

As someone who has both anguished over things students wrote in their evals and someone who learned how to improve my teaching practice because of some things expressed in these evals, I want to offer faculty the opportunity to meet with me to process their evals.

My goal is to be a nonjudgmental support. If you would like some solution-oriented strategies based on some of the feedback you received from students, I am more than happy to help. And if you just want someone to be present and listen to your response to the course evaluations, I am also very happy to listen.

It is important that students have a space to give their opinion on our teaching but it is also important to contextualize this feedback so that it can help us move forward in productive ways. I am here to offer context and support, so please just reach out.